Leveraging music to bolster marketing efforts

Music has always been a central aspect of vitaminwater’s positioning, but the brand found itself losing market share with young consumers with whom music most resonates. vitaminwater commissioned Kelton to identify key trends and viable opportunities to better connect with this key demographic and reinvigorate passion for the beverage.

Our Approach

Kelton helped vitaminwater face the music – literally – through a combination of:

  1. Commercial semiotic analyses of the Hip-Hop, Rap, DubStep, Pop, and Indie music genres
  2. Conducting interviews to understand how target consumers relate to music
  3. Identifying how the brand can bring music to life in the most relevant way to drive brand health

The Outcome

Our insights provided an in-depth look at what music means to children, teens, and young adults, and how it can affect their beverage purchases. Our findings informed vitaminwater’s 2013 programs and helped them find new ways to leverage music in marketing efforts.


clusters of music-driven emotions emerged

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