Spearheading an advertising strategy to reposition a household name.

In 2011, Jägermeister was faced with a dilemma. The brand had reached a sales plateau in its extremely fast-changing category and wanted to create an updated brand image that would pave the way for future growth while at the same time staying true to its unique product and 77 year-old roots. Recognizing that its core drinkers were ageing out of the brand, and that an increasing number of competing “party drinks” had entered the market, Jägermeister engaged Kelton to generate the foundational knowledge needed to reposition and rejuvenate the brand. By gaining a deeper understanding of core customers’ needs, and insights into the brand’s role in the competitive landscape, we set out to determine the ideal white space for the brand.

Our Approach

We partnered with Jägermeister for several engagements.  Our work included:

  1. Alcohol landscape trend scan
  2. Immersive “Bar Crawl” Ethnographies
  3. Quantitative A&U evaluations
  4. Positioning concept testing and optimization
  5. Delivery of a creative brief that informed the brand’s first above the line advertising efforts in the United States

The Outcome

The findings brought to light a surprisingly diverse core customer profile, defined the core values of the brand in tandem with the most relevant need states, and unearthed several positioning opportunities for growing the brand without alienating the core audience. We then collaborated with the Jägermeister team to select the ad agency best suited to shepherd the iconic brand into the next phase of its evolution. We also helped them launch their “Stronger Bond” ad campaign which caused Jägermeister’s impression score to skyrocket.

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