Tom Bernthal

Founder and CEO

Tom founded Kelton with a vision of bringing a journalist’s eye for the human story to the world of insights and marketing.  As CEO, Tom has been responsible for ensuring Kelton continues to evolve and grow, adding design, strategy and communications functions without losing our fundamental passion for understanding what makes people tick.  As all great journalists do, Tom is a natural-born listener; it’s his ability to intuitively understand what clients need and how Kelton can help that’s led to the company’s growth.

By the time Tom turned thirty he had won three Emmy Awards as a producer at NBC News and opened a West Coast office for an Omnicom-held agency.  At NBC, Tom produced for Brian Williams on NBC, and won an Emmy for “100 Days, 1000 Voices”, which brought the hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations of thousands of Americans to television during the 2000 presidential campaign.   

Tom settled in Los Angeles in 2001 and has lived in Venice Beach since 2007.  Tom utilizes his almost boundless energy to juggle the the work he loves with active participation in YPO, regularly working on his jump shot, and a board seat on CoachArt, a Los Angeles based non-profit that brings free sports and arts lessons to children with chronic and life threatening illnesses.