Establishing thought leadership in the hospitality space.

Kelton’s Communications and Media Practice identified a newsworthy angle and then conducted an online survey to discover the behaviors and preferences of "typical Americans." The survey results for Radisson’s study were featured in:

1. USA Today
2. The Los Angeles Times
3. The Huffington Post
4. Fox News
5. ABC News

Our Approach

Our survey experts designed an online study to help Radisson accomplish this goal.  We dug deeply into American vacation behaviors, including how they travel, how their needs vary on leisure vs. business trips and what destinations they visit.  We also examined why they travel – and why they pass on taking vacation days.

The Outcome

Ample top tier media exposure positioned Radisson at the center of insightful conversations, and established the brand as an industry thought leader.


percent of Americans choose not to take half – or more – of their vacation time

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