Delivering a cohesive, multichannel customer experience.

Gilt Groupe wanted to diversify their offerings while staying true to their brand essence, and needed a framework for growth that wouldn’t interfere with their core business model.

Our Approach

The Approach

We tapped into our expertise across a range of methodologies in order to paint an accurate picture of shoppers’ current brand experience, including:

  1. In-depth qualitative exploration
  2. Quantitative analyses
  3. Drivers analyses
  4. Brand landscape architecture
  5. Consumer co-creation ideation sessions

The Outcome

We used our findings to create a refined brand positioning for Gilt Groupe that would drive engagement in existing and new categories. Armed with a research-backed framework for growth, Gilt was able to drive incremental spend and create a more seamless online experience for its customers.


retailers audited during fieldwork

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