The most successful turnaround in restaurant history.

Poor perceptions and waning sales were sinking Domino’s. They came to Kelton to help with a big change—something bold, something unexpected, something that would reinvigorate marketing, energize customers, and get people to consider Domino’s again…for the first time. We eagerly took on the challenge and partnered with Domino’s to play a role in their now-famous Pizza Turnaround, combining a deep understanding of evolving consumer desires with an action plan to get the brand cooking once again.

Our Approach

Our team conducted:

  1. Retail innovation and competitive trends audit
  2. Co-creation of Domino’s new dine-in restaurant concept
  3. Segmentation refresh to reflect the new make-up of the customer database post-turnaround
  4. Marketing and communications innovation workshops


The Outcome

The Pizza Turnaround campaign is widely regarded as the most successful comeback in quick-service restaurant history, resulting in 43 percent year-on-year growth. Since then, Domino’s has retained Kelton to conduct research and provide insights on a wide range of challenges and opportunities, including developing a retail strategy and launching lunch and carryout offerings, ensuring Domino’s remains ahead of the curve.


pizzas consumed during Kelton meetings

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