Reinvigorating brand experiences to draw a new audience.

Historically, roadside assistance has been the centerpiece of AAA’s offerings. Over time, however, the landscape has become more competitive and the brand’s membership incentives have become equally important, and perhaps more so, than its core products. As such, AAA needed to evolve its value proposition while identifying new services that are important to ever-evolving membership needs.

In hopes of retaining its customers and appealing to new audiences, AAA sought Kelton’s guidance in refreshing the anatomy of its membership program.

Our Approach

  1. Understanding behaviors across key segments (Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Seniors)
  2. Testing and prioritizing isolated product ideas in Emergency Road Service, Travel, Discounts, and beyond
  3. Exploring optimal bundles of benefits
  4. Testing and ranking product bundles and a-la-carte items through conjoint and pricing analyses

The Outcome

All of AAA’s new solutions are now rooted in the most resonant consumer desires, with an eye towards driving acquisition of new members and retaining existing customers. These insights are helping AAA tap into new revenue potentials, including significant opportunities in a-la-carte innovations.

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