Susan Monahan

Director, Research & Strategy

As Director of Research and Strategy, Susan excels at bridging insights to client objectives, executing top-notch projects. Susan works closely with clients throughout the life of a project from collaborating on new methodologies to presenting compelling deliverables. A strong writer and storyteller, Susan possesses a broad understanding of marketing strategy and how the right findings can help drive a client’s bottom line.

Susan’s background in project management and client engagement began in the advertising industry. Prior to Kelton, she served as an account executive in brand marketing at The Cimarron Group, facilitating the process of creative teams in research, strategy and managing creative deliverables. She also consulted for the planning team at iris worldwide, where she designed and conducted ethnographic research on the U.S. college student market. Susan received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a minor in Business from the University of Oregon, then earned a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a concentration in Media Management from Northwestern University.

Susan loves running and has participated in a couple marathons. She also indulges in reading and writing, and everything from Russian novels to The Sunday Times feeds her curiosity about how people think.

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