Stephanie Manley

Client Development Associate

With a knack for facilitating client relationships, Stephanie brings a passion for strategic communication and loads of enthusiasm to her role as a Client Development Associate. She leverages her relationship skills and creative problem solving abilities to craft unique project plans that provide impactful solutions for each client’s business challenge. By aligning closely with Kelton’s Quantitative Research team, Stephanie has a unique insight that aids in unearthing related client needs and objectives. Her friendly, can-do attitude embodies Kelton’s culture and leads to her helping colleagues all around the office.

Prior to Kelton, Stephanie served as an account manager at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC. In her role, she worked closely with an array of higher education clients to understand their objectives and tailor project plans based on Advisory Board’s offerings and consulting services. As the primarily account owner and key client liaison, Stephanie traveled to many college and university campuses all over the U.S.

Stephanie also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Studies, with a focus in Journalism and Latin American Studies, from the University of Richmond.

The move to Kelton brought Stephanie closer to home. A New Jersey native, Stephanie is an avid runner and fitness junkie. She also loves to travel and has spent time exploring Europe and Central America. Related to her travel adventures, ask Stephanie about the time she spent 48 hours alone on an island and lived to tell the tale!