James Thegerstrom

Director, Data Processing

As Kelton’s data processing lead, James is in charge of translating our research data and putting it into a useable framework for analysis. He has worked with many large brands across multiple methodologies, including segmentation, conjoint analysis, brand tracking, attitudes & usage and message testing.

Prior to Kelton, James served as project director at CIDR Systems. He also worked at Pine Company, where he specialized in processing for market research clients such as the Nielsen Research Group. James is a passionate artist and received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree from Otis College of Art and Design.

James is an avid soccer fan and is an accomplished referee for multiple youth and semi-pro leagues. He has always supported the L.A. Galaxy and even attended their first competitive game along with over 75,000 other fans. Next on his agenda is attending a World Cup outside the U.S.

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