Greg Rice

Senior Consultant, Los Angeles

Greg provides senior strategic oversight on quantitative and mixed method engagements with a unique blend of right brain/left brain thinking. He is well-known within the research industry for his mining of insights from large, global quantitative studies and specializes in brand and ad tracking, copy/concept/package testing, attitude and usage research, shoppers insights and segmentation. Greg has added insight to some of the world’s best known brands, such as Target, Microsoft, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Sonos, Toyota, RetailMeNot, Bloomingdale’s, Sony PlayStation and many others.

Prior to Kelton, Greg ran the West Coast quantitative operation for Hall & Partners, a specialist brand and communications research agency. Greg also had a stint as an advertising and sitcom writer, working on projects such as the NBC sitcom “Jesse” and a live interactive Ford Focus TV campaign with J. Walter Thompson Detroit. At Northwestern University, Greg received a Master’s degree in Advertising and Integrated Marketing as well as a Bachelor’s degree in American Culture.

An avid movie fan, Greg is a regular attendee of the South by Southwest and Toronto Film Fests. He also keeps the playfulness and spirit alive at Kelton’s Playa Vista office, where he acts as gamekeeper during the Kelton Olympics and is a master of devious treasure hunts that hurt the brain.

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