Chloe Hauenstein

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research

Chloe’s fascination with understanding human behavior and cultural trends helps her recognize underlying motivations that drive consumer choices. As a Senior Qualitative Research Analyst, she uses her research experience to implement thoughtful research methodologies and examine data through a critical lens that facilitates actionable client strategy.

Chloe graduated with honors in International Relations and Psychology from Claremont McKenna College. Her college research took her to India, Ghana, and Argentina to learn about diverse groups such as informal waste collectors and female fish vendors. Following graduation, a Fulbright Research Grant offered Chloe the opportunity to spend a year in India, where she independently conducted over seventy focus groups and interviews to formulate policy recommendations for Delhi’s waste management sector.

Having recently visited every continent except Antarctica, Chloe has developed a diverse palate. Her dream meal is paneer masala served with West African Red Red, paired with an Argentine Malbec. Her entertainment choices include watching Bollywood films to maintain Hindi and Urdu proficiency, and practicing her three-point shot at a nearby basketball court.