Amanda Kantor

Manager, Research & Strategy

As a Manager of Research and Strategy, Amanda works with the diverse Kelton team to optimize clients’ branding and communications. Having worked on projects ranging from AI technology to investment management, Amanda has yet to find a topic that doesn’t tap into her natural curiosity. Utilizing experience with tried and true qualitative and quantitative methods and industry-leading social and digital observational research, she synthesizes insights from a variety of sources to tell a compelling story and help carve a brand’s path forward.

Amanda has been crafting stories that drive action since her days in political candidate research and immersive journalism at RYOT News. With a reporter’s point of view, she helps clients revamp their content strategy with studies that boost their presence in top-tier media outlets, such as WSJ, Forbes, L.A. Times and BBC.

You’ll still find her articles in various publications, and after spending a few months leading community poetry and improv workshops in France and Germany, she keeps her eyes open for opportunities to write and serve abroad. Amanda graduated from the University of Southern California with a double major in Philosophy, Politics and Law and English Literature and Creative Writing, where she danced on a competitive bachata team, filmed a tailgate TV show, and co-founded a Trojan apparel company, We Run L.A.

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