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  • The Rise of Moonshine

    Moonshine, historically known for being a cheap, lower quality, headache-inducing beverage, has recently risen in status as a finely crafted spirit and a key piece of Americana.

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  • Time is the Only Democratic Resource

    Few things in life are fair or distributed equally with one exception: time. No matter where you’re born, how much money you have, or your chosen path in life, everyone only has 24 hours a day. I’ve been delighted by products and services that offer me shortcuts. In doing so, they provide the biggest return on investment that I could ask for: time. Here are a few examples that fill me with giddy excitement (perhaps too much).

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  • Kelton's Summer Infographic Details How People Plan to Spend Their Time and Money This Season

    More than 170 million American adults plan to go on a summer vacation this year and on average, they'll spend close to $2K on their travels. Want to know how else people plan to spend their time and money? What role technology and social media will play in their summertime fun? What will keep Americans entertained this year? You can find this valuable information in our first annual summer infographic.

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  • Location, Location, Location: When Companies Don’t Seem to Consider Customer Segments

    I’ve been a Foursquare user since early 2010. I joined on a whim after seeing the check-ins of numerous friends invade my various feeds. And, 4,000+ check-ins later, I’m still hooked. Up until recently, I really liked that Foursquare has essentially stayed the same despite all these years of slight app updates. But in May, the company made a big announcement that it was splitting itself up into two distinct applications: Foursquare proper, and Swarm. The change has been hailed by some as a bold move that could really pay off for Dennis Crowley & co. – after all, how many apps actually reduce features instead of adding them these days? But it instantly made me wonder what drove this decision. Is this more about potential revenue growth or timely response to consumer demand?

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  • The Company We Keep: A Glimpse into Kelton’s Client Wishlist—Part 2

    At Kelton, we pride ourselves in having a diverse client base. From retailers such as Target and Bloomingdale’s to beverage brands like Mike’s and Coca-Cola, hospitality brands like Marriott and Wynn to electronics brands Sonos and Logitech, Keltonites (as we fondly call ourselves internally) are constantly flexing our mental muscle as we immerse ourselves in our clients’ worlds to help them navigate change. This first edition of “The Company We Keep: A Glimpse into Kelton’s Client Wishlist” covered Kelton’s wishlist in the retail and apparel industry. Today’s installment delves into Keltonite’s coveted clients in the technology and entertainment sectors.

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  • The Business Case for Making Wearables Relevant

    With the advent of futuristic wearable products such as Google Glass and Apple’s rumored “iWatch”, many are left wondering: what’s next? I’m putting my money on fitness and health.. But will these wellness devices have staying power, or are they merely a passing trend? Only time will tell as we move further into wearable technology’s potential.

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