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  • Mindfulness and Business

    Mindfulness is not a new concept. Until recently, Mindfulness was a term bound to Buddhist practices and meditation retreats, used as a step towards a great awakening. Although Hinduism was the birthplace of most contemplative practices, mindfulness has been incorporated in people’s lives across the world – mainly through a form of mediation partnered with breathing exercises.

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  • Hispanics: Pharma’s Untapped Consumer

    Much has been written about the growing influence of Hispanic consumers for brands. Everything from retail, restaurant, and tech industries have seen a boost in numbers in large part because of concentrated efforts targeting Hispanics. One area where this demographic remains largely untapped: pharmaceuticals. And, while Hispanics contributed $23 billion from 203-2014, to the U.S. pharmaceutical market, there is still room for enormous growth.

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  • A Football Fan’s Guide to Project Management

    Some might say that the career of a quantitative researcher is about as different as could be from that of a professional football player, but there are actually a lot of similar guidelines that both follow in order to be successful. Here are 5 rules that both football players and market researchers should always abide by:

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