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  • Ask Like You Care

    Quality data core is to our work. The data gold rush has been helped in no small part by online quantitative sample. As convenient as the data are we can forget that it is the yield of a relationship albeit of the long distance kind and taken for granted like an industrial product. Respondents can be put through a lot in the course of an online study. The vast majority are focused, however some tune out or react badly, or some can drop off completely.

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  • Does Crowdsourcing Have the Power to Replace Market Research?

    In a simple tribute to innovative products born from crowdsourcing, a recent Business Pundit blog post praised crowdsourcing as a form of market data. Gerri blogged, “No matter how cool or groundbreaking the invention, your product won’t sell if you aren’t in touch with what the customer wants. Traditionally, this is dealt with by beta testing, polls, trust in an inventor’s vision, or iterating through different versions of a product to see what works best. Today, customers can choose exactly what they want – from features, to design, and even price point – through crowdsourcing.” Crowdsourcing indeed carries in its very DNA a reflection of what the consumer wants. And it is certainly a tool that utilizes an engaged audience, often without even offering monetary compensation. But is it, or will it ever be, a replacement of the market research practice?

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  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and What It Could Mean for Brands

    The origin of the Ice Bucket Challenge as a means to raise money for charity is not entirely clear. But I think it’s fair to say that the campaign’s meteoric success, generated once social media took its course ($110 million in donations and counting), was completely unpredictable. So, how and why did the Challenge catch on so fast? Is it possible that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has shed some light into an untapped advertising strategy? What could brands accomplish if they were to capitalize on this attention-seeking human behavior and use it to their advantage?

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  • Five Professional Traits I’ve Learned from Researchers

    It’s fair to say that I’ve spent a lot of time with researchers in my short career: working with UX researchers at an ad agency, working with design researchers at a product innovation firm, and now working with qualitative, quantitative, and design researchers at a consumer insights and strategy consultancy. With that kind of influence in my life, you’d think I’d be a researcher by now. Not quite. But I’ve had the privilege to observe researchers in the field, be a respondent for many of them, and collaborate on analyses and deliverables together.

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  • Doing good vs. “Doing good” – It doesn’t matter

    Generation Y is all about purpose-driven purchases. That’s old news. The rise of organic products, craft beer, and hybrid cars speak for themselves. In short, you could say that Generation Y believes that they are doing good – that their purchases reflect their values, their views, and what they seek to change in the world. Somehow, by purchasing fair-trade coffee beans and driving a Prius, the world will be, even if only slightly, a better place. We can go on and on about just how “good” a company is, but when it comes down to it: very few of us actually care.

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  • So, What is This Whole ‘Internet of Things’ Thing?

    In the course of the past 12 months, the so-called “Internet of Things," or IoT, has gone from semi-obscure forum fodder for the technorati to center-stage (literally) as the subject of keynotes and a major focus among the world’s biggest companies. With so many facets and such rapid, constant evolution, all of this can all be a little overwhelming to keep up with. As this space has emerged, we at Kelton have actively immersed ourselves in tracking and understanding it, and engaging our clients to help them navigate the myriad changes it’s already bringing (or will soon bring) to their businesses. For this same reason, across the coming months Kelton will be exploring some of the most salient aspects of the IoT. We’ll be producing and presenting a range of original content, all with a clear goal in mind: providing our clients the foundation for insight, strategy, innovation, and foresight around opportunity areas in the IoT. Context is always valuable, so let's begin by setting the scene with a IoT Timeline. This sharable companion graphic provides a concise history of the IoT - how it got to where it is now, where it's likely going, and the important milestones along the way.

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