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  • Toastmasters and the Promise of Infinite Possibility

    The beauty of life is that you can transform yourself by learning new things. It's totally up to you how much energy you dedicate to changing your status quo. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to get on a surf board for the first time, feeling the ocean underneath your feet. To master a new methodology or technique at your workplace. To deliver a captivating speech that receives a sustained standing ovation. These achievements are all within reach... after all, infinite possibility is within our grasp. It's up to us to unlock it.

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  • Is Death the Next Startup Opportunity?

    As the Internet - and the digital natives who have grown up with it - mature, we are starting to see some early ways that digital communication is trying to approach the most knotty and painful aspect of life: death. Gen Yers and Xers have started to leverage a wide range of digital tools (blogs, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) to explore and process grief, loss and mourning.

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  • The Incomplete Promise of Wellness

    I can’t turn a corner without seeing evidence of what is now called the “wellness lifestyle” - the trend turned movement turned lifestyle that focuses in particular on the mind and soul. Imagery is just so peaceful, emphasizing a centered and solitary journey; language circles around the needed distance from others to “recharge” and “disconnect.” Like with any good branding, in these images and verbiage of empowered separateness is a promise: if you can focus on yourself, properly disengage and truly reflect, you will achieve personal growth. In this promise is the underlying assumption that others not only don’t help in this process, but actively distract from being connected to our true selves, and that a higher level of reflection occurs only when one is alone. But this misses a critical insight about how to challenge ourselves and productively allow and invite personal growth.

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  • The Future is Now: How 3D Printing Will Change the World

    In the 1960s, The Jetsons presented cartoon watchers with an idea of what the future of civilization could look like—talking dogs, robot maids, flying saucers, meals at the push of a button. The show was set in 2062, less than 50 years from now. Today, while a Roomba is a far cry from Rosie (the Jetsons’ sentient robot maid) and our dogs still can’t respond to our questions, meals at the push of a button might not be far off. Not unlike Jane Jetson flicking a switch and waiting for a meatloaf to materialize, we have the ability to create a model on a computer, push a button, and hold that product within hours - or even minutes - thanks to 3D printing.

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