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  • Q1 Retail Roundup: Customer-centric Changes in BigBox Retail

    The past couple weeks for BigBox Retail has been, well…BIG. From social pressure to soul searching to new alliances, change seems to be in the air as some of the most significant players in the retail space have announced a variety of major shake-ups. Though these changes run the gamut, the common thread is an increased emphasis on putting the customer first. Or at very least, putting them in a position to likely come out ahead.

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  • The Quirks Event: A Market Research Conference

    This week, three Keltonites attended the Quirk’s Event, a market research conference in New York. Overall, we thought the event was exciting – there were many companies and speakers that had great content to share. Read on to hear a quick recap of our favorite presentations form the conference.

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  • The Power Behind the Gluten-Free Consumer

    A year ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease (put simply, a severe gluten intolerance), two key questions ran through my mind: First, how did I not realize this sooner? And second, where am I going to get gluten-free cupcakes? What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was about to become just one more consumer in an already booming gluten-free marketplace. “Gluten-free” has become a buzzword in today’s world, and current estimates show that there are approximately 44 million gluten-free consumers across the globe.

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  • Viewing Gender as a Spectrum: How Moving Beyond the Gender Binary Can Allow for New Possibilities in Consumer Insights

    What is your gender? Ah, the classic question that pops up within the first minute of every online profile you’ve created, survey you’ve filled out, plane ticket you’ve booked, and countless other online processes. In an information-obsessed age, both the need and desire to identify oneself has grown increasingly important. But what happens when the options presented do not adequately fulfill the respondent’s needs? More specifically, what if the respondent is genderqueer, yet faced with the dilemma of choosing between male or female?

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  • Think Musicians Can’t Make Money in Today’s World? Do Your Research

    At the end of last year, Jack Conte of the indie-pop duo Pomplamoose wrote an article detailing the band’s expenses on their Fall 28-day tour, netting a loss of $11K. Now any grownup can tell you that a band that’s “trying to make it” doesn’t need a Mercedes Sprinter tour bus or private hotel rooms, but make no mistake—touring is expensive, and if you’re successful, it takes years after feeling like a rockstar to have a rockstar-size bank account.

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