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  • It’s All in the Headline: Two Sides to Every Coin

    At Kelton office, I am a quantitative data junkie. Outside the office, I am interested in all things related to pop culture and media, especially movies. Given these two interests, it should come of little surprise that on a Sunday evening, I often find myself reading headlines about the weekend box office performance.

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  • The Power of the Mommy Blogger

    Recently, as I was finalizing our family plans for our first trip to Disneyland with our toddler, my husband turned to me and said, “well what do your online mommy friends think?” In that moment, I realized just how much I have come to depend on the posts of other new moms in my multiple Facebook groups, Instagram “friends” and most of all – the all-knowing mommy blogger – for advice. But how valuable is the mommy blogger to retailers and brands?

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  • Tom Bernthal Presenting "Inspiring Empathy" at the 2015 MRA Insights and Strategies Conference

    To be truly empathetic, one has to understand another at three levels – rational, emotional and from a deep, intuitive place somewhere in your gut. For empathy to be effective in business, it also has to work at all three levels so that, ultimately, decision-makers instinctively understand how a customer would think, feel or react. In our work with Kelton clients, we’ve learned that to cultivate empathy in business, researchers need to be as good at uncovering empathetic insights as they are at conveying empathy to stakeholders.

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  • Creating serious seduction for dairy: Manolo Blahniks’ Arethusa Farm & Dairy

    How did Manolo Blahnik’s owners take the core elements from the DNA of a luxury brand and create a successful dairy brand that is unquestionably more craveable than Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes? Perhaps Arethusa Farm & Dairy, set in the rolling hills of Litchfield, Connecticut, doesn’t ring a bell yet, but I promise you it will. Very, very soon.

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  • Social Norms in Culture and Business

    Social norms keep society functioning and reduce deviance through social sanctions. While norms may keep society in check, they must also be bent and expanded from time to time to allow for societal progress. Take interracial dating for example – social norms, and the sanctions that went with them prevented interracial dating long after it had become legal in most states. Gradually changes in equality were made because of those individuals who were willing to break dating and racial norms at all costs.

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  • Facing Reality When It Comes To Typing Segments

    Segmentations remain one of the most popular types of quantitative research studies, and when done right, they have the potential to transform an organization’s marketing strategy, especially from a product or brand portfolio perspective. As part of our extensive work on developing Kelton’s Segmentation Journey approach, the Kelton team has revisited one of the trickier aspects of segmentation studies – development of the typing tool.

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