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  • Kelton to Sponsor Women In Research Events

    Kelton is excited to be sponsoring the WIRe (Women In Research) Fall events in Los Angeles and New York this month. WIRe was founded in 2007 as an informal networking group designed to introduce women to female colleagues in the research community. The goal of WIRe events is to facilitate networking, leadership, entrepreneurship, and other career development goals.

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  • Mobile Fitness Apps: A Fad or The Real Deal?

    The $24 billion dollar fitness industry continues to grow as the use of technology – both inside and outside of the gym – expands. Specifically, it’s the mobile app trend that continues to bolster this number with over 6,800 apps listed in the health and fitness category. As with most trends, there are two camps when it comes to fitness apps: the camp that believes this kind of technology doesn’t include tried-and-true behavior change methods, and is thus a fad, and the camp that believes it encourages and supports an active and healthy lifestyle, and is thus the real deal.

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  • Why Virtual Reality Will Change the World As We Know It

    Virtual reality, while still incredibly niche, has already shown its impact on the world. VR has helped cure phantom pains in amputee victims, aided PTSD victims by creating a virtual Middle East, and allowed surgical students to practice techniques. So, why is the time ripe for virtual reality mainstream adoption?

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