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  • Improv at the Office

    Adopting a philosophy of improv at the office isn’t actually about being funny. It’s about having an orientation in line with the rules of improv – and like improv itself, there’s a certain amount of practice involved with getting it right. In improv, failure is always a risk. And even the most talented and experienced actors have a scene flop occasionally. Embracing uncertainty and allowing for your thinking and your roadmap to veer off course allows the journey to lead your thinking in more interesting directions.

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  • Kelton Presents "The Empathetic Way: Effectively Leveraging Empathy Within Your Organization" at IIR Fuse

    This week, Gareth Schweitzer, Kelton’s co-founder and President, presented “The Empathetic Way: Effectively Leveraging Empathy Within Your Organization” at the IIR FUSE Conference in Chicago, IL. At Kelton, we are constantly seeking to employ empathy in our research methodologies, allowing our clients to put themselves in the shoes of their customers to truly see through their vantage point. In Gareth’s past life as a journalist, as well as his currently life as a strategic researcher, he knows that connecting to a reader or a consumer is vital to telling a compelling story.

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  • April - The First Quarterly Season in Market Research

    Every industry has a special time during the year. The magazine industry has the September issue. The retail industry has the Holiday season, Thanksgiving through Christmas. The market research industry has the April, first quarterly season. If you are a quantitative data analyst in Market Research, you will know what I mean.

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  • Practicing What We Preach: Understanding the Modern Research Experience

    More than ever before, organizations are currently under pressure to deliver a stronger insights foundation that is actionable, forward-looking, and “game changing.” Whether client or agency side, not only are the expectations higher, but the need to deliver these insights quickly is critical. The Modern Research Experience is defined by a focus on better insights from the outset.

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  • The Power(lessness) of One

    While there are many realities facing brands today, consider the following three: • The ability of advanced technology to capture and retain bits of data means that companies are inundated with massive amount of information every day (i.e., Big Data). • Brands exist in a fast-paced, ever-evolving culture that demands immediate answers. • Brands prefer simplicity over complexity. Combine these three factors and you get a business environment where companies want to grab the latest bit of data, draw quick but firm conclusions, and make decisions for the future that aren’t based on a full picture. But, this quick-fix approach is short-sided and misleading...

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