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  • Beacon Technology: Making the Company-Consumer Conversation Longer, Better, Faster, Stronger  

    For businesses considering beacon technology and consumers questioning opting in, one thing is clear: companies and consumers alike are on the fringe of adding a new facet to the already omnichannel approach to customer engagement. Enter this space and participate in a conversation that’s longer, clearer, and, simply put, better. Through this hyper-connected terminal, beacon technology has the power to change the entire landscape of the company-consumer relationship.

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  • Correlation, Causation, and Qualitative Research

    Arguments based on correlation are common, especially in the news, because they are easier to report, make arguments clearer, take up less space, and give power to quantitative data. At times, authors themselves are unaware of their error and of the difference between correlation and causation.

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  • Beer & Empathy: The New Currency of Innovation

    While we are all wired for empathy, we as marketers and researchers often suffer the "game dynamic" which prevents us from being empathetic when we need to be. For brands that practice an empathetic design and research structure, transformation in how the internal marketing and product teams think about their consumers occurs. This has ultimately allowed them to develop new insight-driven ideas and fill their pipeline with innovative products that are not just focused on optimizing, but also keen on connecting with the human who will eventually be enjoying them.

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  • Ask Like You Care

    While collecting data exemplifies the understanding that somebody else has useful experience from their own point of view, the process can seem indifferent to the actual state of the person on the other side. Finding ways to genuinely check in is good manners.

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  • Does Crowdsourcing Have the Power to Replace Market Research?

    In a simple tribute to innovative products born from crowdsourcing, a recent Business Pundit blog post praised crowdsourcing as a form of market data. Gerri blogged, “No matter how cool or groundbreaking the invention, your product won’t sell if you aren’t in touch with what the customer wants. Traditionally, this is dealt with by beta testing, polls, trust in an inventor’s vision, or iterating through different versions of a product to see what works best. Today, customers can choose exactly what they want – from features, to design, and even price point – through crowdsourcing.” Crowdsourcing indeed carries in its very DNA a reflection of what the consumer wants. And it is certainly a tool that utilizes an engaged audience, often without even offering monetary compensation. But is it, or will it ever be, a replacement of the market research practice?

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  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and What It Could Mean for Brands

    The origin of the Ice Bucket Challenge as a means to raise money for charity is not entirely clear. But I think it’s fair to say that the campaign’s meteoric success, generated once social media took its course ($110 million in donations and counting), was completely unpredictable. So, how and why did the Challenge catch on so fast? Is it possible that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has shed some light into an untapped advertising strategy? What could brands accomplish if they were to capitalize on this attention-seeking human behavior and use it to their advantage?

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