You can’t teach curiosity, intuition, or empathy – but you certainly can’t be a qualitative researcher without them. We’re lucky to have a qualitative team with an abundance of the traits that facilitate an intuitive understanding of human behavior.

Our researchers’ innate skills have been strengthened by the rigor and discipline of their academic training in social science and design research. It’s also why we’re able to tackle projects that range from exploratory to tactical, that tie attitudes directly to behaviors, and that unlock core truths about people that can help drive your business forward.

The Qualitative Team

What happens when you combine a quant researcher’s love of data with a journalist’s passion for connecting disparate pieces of information? You get Data-
Driven Storytelling – the art of turning numbers into compelling narratives about your customers.

We’re convinced that data doesn’t have to be dry and dull. It can animate and excite, sending brands in new, inspirational directions grounded in core truths about your customers. We focus on presentations that work for your end clients – busy individuals who need to quickly execute data-based decisions. That’s why we created Data Driven Storytelling, our method for replacing the “thud factor” decks that have been a research industry staple for years with deliverables that provide inspiration and direction for our clients.

The Quantitative Team

We’ve pioneered an effective approach that we call “Customer Centric Consulting.” It’s based on the principle of using customer-derived inputs to guide ideation and future-forward planning.

Understand & Diagnose: Your customers don’t make decisions in a vacuum. There is competition between the products and services they use across need states, traditional category and even industry lines. Our goal is to understand the landscape of customer decision making to gauge where you fit, where you’re missing the mark, and how you can better serve them.

Ideate: We use these customer-generated inputs to guide structured ideation, blending your business demands with customer desires to drive business innovations that feel authentic and true.

Solve & Plan: We work with your team to create effective solutions that are viable for today and sustainable for the future. We work to understand the mechanics of your business so that innovations fit budgets, personnel capacity, and accentuate your business strengths – set to time horizons that are aggressive but accomplishable.

The Strategy Team

Kelton began as a research business, so we’re more focused than most agencies on ensuring clear, powerful connections between the solutions created by our design team and the unmet needs of customers. It’s a philosophical approach based on a core principle – that design is only as good as the insights that inform it. Our interdisciplinary team has applied this rationale to design systems that clearly articulate and visualize the future potential of brands.

Whether our team is working through product, service, system, or information design, we apply the same up-front focus on identifying on matching a core customer need with your business imperatives. It’s a process that means we can design for the future with confidence.

The Design Team

It’s in our DNA. You don’t get into journalism, marketing, or design if you’re not passionate about using language and visuals to communicate in novel, compelling ways. We’ve brought that same passion to insights work and consulting. It’s what makes us uniquely skilled at translating insights into effective communications.

Whether it’s a creative spark for a campaign, a mediagenic thought leadership study to position your brand in the right light, or understanding the right language and messaging to deal with crisis situations, our team has the combination of research and communications skills to find the words that work for your brand.

The Communications Team