Language Dial Testing – Communication and Advertising

Language Dial Testing:  Words matter.  And the right words are priceless.

Congressional testimony… the CEO’s letter to shareholders…the opening argument for the jury… a 30-second TV spot… a 10-second sound-bite for a network interview… a radio jingle… the content for billboard or print advertising. Each of these represents an opportunity to make an indelible impression on an important audience. In many cases, it may be your only opportunity.

Whether you’re managing an emerging crisis under the skeptical eye of a vigilant media, launching a new brand to a previously unreceptive audience, or articulating the legal minutiae of a high stakes civil trial, the Kelton team understands that words matter; the language you use must swiftly and effectively resonate with your audience. That’s not just a priority. That’s an imperative.

At Kelton, we appreciate the importance of getting it right the first time.  And that’s the foundational principle behind our unique language development methodology:

  • Veteran Writers, Broad Experience.  Kelton’s writers have written for print, radio, television, business, politics, and academia. We’ve published books, written speeches for CEOs and elected officials, and designed and implemented complex advertising campaigns. We either already know the language of your business or we learn it fast. We specialize both in revamping your existing communications pieces and in generating fresh content ourselves.
  • Quantitative Measurement, Qualitative Setting. Whether your chosen media platform is TV, radio, or print, it’s essential to validate the effectiveness of your communications with our Instant-Response dial technology in a focus group setting. These handheld dials enable participants to provide instantaneous and constant feedback on the information presented to them, providing us with an exact gauge of each respondent’s reaction, in real time, to the words and phrases they see and hear.
  • Precise, Targeted Audience. These expanded, StreetSmart-recruited focus groups mirror the precise demographic and psychographic parameters you need.